Physicians And Staff

Charlotte Pain Management Center was founded in 1998 and is well known for being a legitimate Pain Management Medical practice. We provide a number of treatment plans for our patient’s ; depending on their individual needs.  We treat a large variety of diagnosis,including, massage therapy, nerve blocks, steroid injections, medication management, and patient modification education programs. Our main goal is to help our patients safely and effectively manage their chronic pain.


Louis Kovacs, D.O.

Anjan Ghosh, M.D.

John Hubicki, P-AC

Ann Brock, P-AC

Paul Wright, P-AC

Nancy Harris, RN BSN

Ashley Grennell, NMT

John Di Stasio,  BMO

Gina Provencal, MA

Jessica Phils, MA

Susan Heller, MA

Kimberly Wright, Operation Manager

Wendy Jacobs, Account Manager