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An MME is an abbreviation for Morphine Milligram Equivalent. This is a value that represents the strength of individual opioids relative to morphine. The MME is used to calculate the daily dose of various pain medications. 

There are a few reasons why! In the last few years, there have been a lot of advances in medicine that have allowed us to better treat patients with various procedures and have great results. Secondly, all doctors have different techniques that create different results.  

Longterm medication management is not an effective way to treat chronic pain. When taking medication for long periods you are not actively treating your pain it is merely a mask that will need to be increased over time. When adding procedures, we can create a greater relief of pain and experience a better quality of life. 

Medication is not an effective longterm pain management treatment. The problem with medications is that it creates a dependency that requires continuous increases. As you may be aware, the CDC has knocked down the amount of pain medication that can be taken today by at least 70%. Our patients will not receive any additional medications than what they are currently taking, unless they have cancer. The most recent update from the DEA discusses taking the daily MME dose down from 90 MME currently to 50 MME.  


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